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Software learned


Into the professional world

Design and communication

  • As self-employed, I created many flyers for night clubs across the Europe. I had the responsibility of the visual communication for hundred of events since 2013. As well as online advertising, I did printed poster and flyers. I take care of the display campaign in the targeted city.
  • I participated in the creation and the development of the « Illegal Party » event in Alsace for more than two years. I had the chance to create a complete and modern visual identity with logos, flyers, social network design, promotional video, but also communication folder.
  • I was able to fulfill the task of Community Manager under responsibility of many personal and professional projects. This is how I gained the skills to create promoting post.These designs are the foundation of good social networks’s advertising with the perfect call-to-action.

Web Design

  • I made a lot of websites with WordPress, Prestashop and without any CMS. The majority of them are on the first one. I learned how to create, customize and integrate themes, My CSS and HTML content always take care of the UX and the responsive design. Every change needs to be tested !
  • I often worked independently on a lot of websites, that’s why I needed to learn how to build one in its entirety. I possess the necessary technical skills on the Adobe Suite software, but I know how to adapt on free design program. During all these years, I created a substantial content of banners, sliders, logos & icons.

Performance and optimization

  • Many rules are forgotten on the web, however, we learn everyday new way to improve it ! With my previous experience, I established protocols to boost my creations.
  • Pictures are always compressed without any visible degradation.
  • Codes are minified and unified when it’s possible.
  • Don’t overload our website with useless addons, which can be easily replaced.
  • Choose a hosting adapted to the client and his willing.